You Do Less and Get More from Every Job Posting Using Job News

Job News Couples Automated Software with Daily Active Ad Management by Experienced Industry Professionals

Job News Does More in Four Simple Steps

Hire Smart with Job News

Easy Job Posting & Management Software
Smart Posting & Reporting Software
Job Posting Ad Optimization By Industry Professionals
Regularly Post To Multiple Job Boards Outside of Board Owned Networks
Regularly Post Social Media Targeted Ads
Daily Active Ad Management

Our Four Step Process Sets Us Apart


Step 1: You Spend Less Time Writing and More Time Hiring

Job News Pros create and optimize your posting

Not Sure What Ad Optimization Is? We’ve Outlined it Below.
  • Short, accurate & to the point ad copy
  • Compelling call to action
  • Prominent company logo
  • Image reflects work-from-home position

Job News Pros assess and update every job posting to ensure job titles and descriptions are using keywords that will generate the most views for the best return on investment (ROI). We do this by using multiple keyword analysis tools and A/B testing.


Step 2: JobingPRO Delivers up to 86% More Applicants

Easy applies and programmatic job distribution equate to more applicants

JobingPRO is industry-leading proprietary software, developed by Job News, specific to the unique needs of Human Resource professionals.
Why You Will Love JobingPRO:
  • JobingPRO provides frictionless candidate applies on the front end and programmatic job distribution on the back end.
  • JobingPRO auto feeds qualified resumes directly into your ATS with no export/import, and supports a wide variety of apply methods including any combination of quick-apply, ATS, SMS, Apply with Indeed, phone, and in-person.
  • JobingPRO provides easy-to-use tools to score, categorize, and share applicants and provides powerful analytics on job performance over a specified date range.
Why Job News Loves JobingPRO:
  • JobingPRO is a centralized marketing solution that eliminates costly duplications and counterintuitive bidding.
  • JobingPRO is a dedicated resource unique to Job News allowing us to stay ahead of the competitors with cutting edge ad management capabilities.

The ability to easily rate and manage where candidates fall within your hiring process is one of the many benefits JobingPRO brings to you.


Step 3: You Get Qualified Candidates

Job News Ad Operations actively manage every posting to ensure you get the most for your marketing spend

You get the Benefit of Ad Optimization from our Full-Service Agency for Free

Job News testing shows that actively managing ads increases unique apply rates by an average of 86% per campaign.
Unique Applies
Call Center Representative
Customer Service Representative

Your job campaigns are monitored and adjusted daily when needed. That means things like bids being increased or decreased to secure leads, multiple ad creatives are tested on social media to ensure your best ad runs, and resumes from various sources are screened regularly to ensure quality candidates.


Step 4: You Get Quantified Results with Measurable ROI

The Job News easy-to-use JobingPRO interface shows how your campaign is performing 24/7

JobingPRO features a simple dashboard interface that allows you fast access to a simplified analytics overview. There’s no overwhelming process to learn or screens of expansive data feeds to sort through.

Unique Applies
Avg. Views
Avg. Apply Ratio
Unique Impressions
Applies and ATS Clicks

Jobs News is Always Here to Help You Reach Your Hiring Goals

Job News Pros are here to walk you through your campaign performance each step of the way. With a quarter of a decade of industry experience, we guarantee you are making your best recruitment hiring choice.