Job News Data Quality Policy

Job News enforces a strict data quality policy in order to provide the highest possible caliber of content to our job seekers. Job seekers deserve job advertisements that are well written, that fairly describe the opportunity, and make application to the position easy and efficient.

The data quality policy applies to all job postings on

  1. Do not add multiple jobs to a single posting: The posting title must be for only one job; listing other jobs in the job description copy is not allowed.
  2. Use a job title, not a headline.
  3. Do not run multiple copies of the same job (same location, ad copy, etc.), because duplicate postings confuse job seekers and negatively affect campaigns running against the jobs.
  4. Never place job apply information/contact information in the job description area, because it is not trackable, but is often overlooked.
  5. For “website” job applies, the customer landing page must be an (unexpired) applicant tracking system (ATS) form for that job; it should not be a general company webpage or a dead end for the job seeker. Test the ATS link using the “test” button in the post-a-job form editor.
  6. Do not use job postings to promote any career fairs or events. A job posting for a specific job should never mention an event (i.e. no mention of “job fair” or “recruiting event” or “hiring event”), but can mention that there is a single date and time on which to apply in person. (To better understand this issue, see for the differences between "job" and "event" data schemas.)
  7. In­-person apply method requires the full address in the proper form fields (but do not include a location title, such as Talbott Tower, because this can cause the map preview to be inaccurate).
  8. Ensure that the job’s reporting email address is the customer’s email address.
  9. Insert proper line and paragraph breaks where appropriate to make the job description easier to read.
  10. Don't do things that make your posting less credible, such as:
    • Excessive exclamation marks!!!!
    • Misuse of $$$$$ $igns
    • Excessively bolding text
    • Excessively underlining text
    • Excessively italicizing text

The requirements above are considered the minimum standard. For a full list of best practices, ask your Job News representative for our whitepaper titled How to Write Compelling Job Posts.