Service Porter

at Gunn Automotive Group

San Antonio, TX

Posted on Sep. 19, 2016

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A.Position Summary:
The Porter shuttles customers' vehicles and inventory vehicles as directed and shuttles customers to or from approved destinations. The porter also runs errands and performs any miscellaneous duties as directed (i.e., clean shop, janitorial duties, etc.).

B. Minimum Qualifications:
1. Two (2) years driving with valid driver's license
2. Driving experience in the San Antonio area
3. Valid driver's license and driving record consistent with company policy and insurance carrier requirements

C. Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
1. Excellent driving skills
2. Knowledge of applicable traffic laws
3. Ability to transport stalled vehicles
4. Good reading skills, including ability to read and understand chemical warning labels
5. Ability to operate vehicles (automatic and standard transmissions)
6. Ability to transport a minimum of 25 pounds or more with assistance
7. Ability to access all areas of the dealership
8. Reports directly to Service Director
9. Receives additional direction from Service Managers, Shop Foreman, Ready Manager and Assistant Service Director

D. Essential Job Functions:
1. Greet customer and project a positive friendly image
2. Shuttle vehicles to specified destinations as directed
3. Shuttle customers to approved destinations as directed
4. Maintain clean and safe vehicle drop-off, delivery and shop areas, including sweeping, mopping and scrubbing
5. Wash/clean cars as directed
6. Run errands as directed
7. Must be punctual in attendance
8. Must be present during normal hours of operation or as directed by management
9. Perform any other duties that may be deemed essential to fulfilling the functions of the position

E. Additional Responsibilities:
1. Identify and maintain chemical warning labels
2. Must adhere to the personal protective equipment policy
3. Understand and follow federal, state and local regulations, such as those governing the disposal of waste
4. Maintain a clean work area and assist with housekeeping in all areas of the dealership (for example, by picking up or discarding trash found on the premises)
5. Attend ongoing training and meetings as required
6. Must adhere to the 5 mile-an-hour rule on all dealership premises
7. Maintain a professional appearance and/or wear Gunn attire
8. Comply with other job-related instructions and perform any other duties that, in the opinion of his/her supervisor are reasonably related to his/her primary job responsibilities, required to assist other employees, or compliment Gunn's efforts generally

F. Equipment and Materials Used:
1. Inventory vehicles and customer vehicles
2. Service Equipment
3. Cleaning solvents, agents, and cleaning equipment
4. Battery charger
5. Car washing equipment
6. Tire changing tools
7. Vehicle fluids (i.e., brake fluid, wiper fluid, transmission fluid, etc.)
8. Telephone and copier
9. Computer

G. Working Conditions and Physical Requirements:
This is a physically demanding position. The Porter will:
1. Stand at least eight (8) to ten (10) hours per day and walk up to three (3) miles in eight (8) hours
2. Transport parts weighing twenty-five (25) pounds or more with assistance several times during a shift
3. Install or remove parts on vehicles, which requires vertically translating parts weighing a minimum of twenty-five (25) pounds with assistance from one to forty-four (44) inches one time per shift and a distance of fifteen (15) feet without mechanical assistance
4. Horizontally transport equipment such as carts, requiring forces up to forty-five (45) pounds one time per hour
5. Access all areas of the dealership and vehicles when cleaning vehicles and moving dealership furniture
6. Ladder-type climbing up to five (5) steps per hour and repetitive posture to access vehicle four (4) inches from ground, forty-eight (48) times per hour
7. Be exposed to noise, vibration, dust, exhaust fumes, and a variety of other hazardous and non-hazardous materials
8. Work non-climate controlled environment, requiring tolerance of outside temperatures, including excessive heat, cold, and precipitation

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