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Posted on Dec. 21, 2017

Full Time

Now Hiring! Prosecutor

Prosecuting attorneys are licensed lawyers who represent KTTT in criminal cases against individuals or groups accused of illegal activity.
Essential Functions

An individual must be able to successfully perform each of the essential functions of this position listed below with or without reasonable accommodation.

Represent the Tribe in prosecution of adults committing criminal acts within Tribal jurisdiction.
Represent the Tribe in prosecution of juveniles committing delinquent acts or status offenses within tribal jurisdiction.
Represent the Tribe in civil prosecution of child abuse and neglect occurring within Tribal jurisdiction.
Represent the Tribe in ICWS primarily in KTTT Tribal Court, and if deemed necessary in State Courts, or other Tribal Courts.
Represent the Tribe in civil prosecution of traffic offenses, exclusion matters, vicious dog and other civil offenses occurring within tribal jurisdiction as well as quasi-prosecutorial matters in Tribal Court.

Have the ability to prepare a Pro Hac Vice application and have the necessary qualifications and bar license in good standing, to be approved as an attorney Pro Hac Vice, in other State Courts and or Tribal Courts, when deemed necessary.
Advise the Tribal Police and ICWS in investigation, evaluating evidence, case preparation and preparation of all legal pleadings necessary, including but not limited to subpoenas, search warrants, arrest warrants and emergency petitions.
Draft written complaints, motions, proposed orders, legal briefs, jury instructions, sentencing recommendations and other legal documents as appropriate.
Assist in developing and improving the Tribe’s criminal justice system, including code development.
Conduct all necessary case preparation before Tribal Court hearings and trial.
Argue and present cases as appropriate in Tribal Court and appeals therefrom.
Advise and assist the Tribal Police Department and other tribal agencies in developing and drafting codes, protocols, responses to victimization issues and other matters implicating tribal justice on the Reservation.
Serve as Special Assistant U.S. Attorney to prosecute cases in federal court as appropriate.
Train and consult with the Tribal Police and other agencies as appropriate regarding tribal justice and victimization issues.
Attend legal seminars, tribal trainings and meetings as appropriate and necessary to serve the Tribe’s interest and to maintain professional license.
Respond to calls from victims, concerned family and friends and service providers;
Foster organizational and infrastructure development.
Assist in a variety of department operations; perform special projects and assignments as requested.
Present and explain key policy issues regarding tribal justice and victimization.
Prepare and distribute education and outreach materials.
Assist in organizing or attending community events, forums and trainings.
Ensure the availability of 24-hour legal support services to Tribal Police and ICW.
Secondary Functions

Perform such other tasks as may be assigned from time to time by supervisor.

An individual must be proficient in each of the competencies listed below to successfully perform the responsibilities of this position.

Knowledge of Tribal laws and procedures.
Knowledge of State and Federal legal procedures.
Knowledge of the culture and traditions of the Kickapoo Tribe.
Knowledge of prosecution best-practices for both civil and criminal cases.
Knowledge of outside agencies for necessary referrals and data collection.

Skills & Abilities
Demonstrated proficiency in supervising and motivating subordinates.
Commitment to excellence and high standards.
Extensive written and oral communication skills.
Extensive presentation skills.
Basic competence in subordinates’ duties and tasks.
Strong organizational, problem-solving and analytical skills.
Ability to manage priorities and workflow.
Ability to display a high degree of professionalism while keeping difficult situations in proper perspective.
The mental ability to deal with a variety of emotions and frustrations in a fast-paced, crisis-oriented environment.
Adaptability and flexibility in working with a wide variety of people.
Ability to communicate and provide verbal feedback in a professional manner.
Ability and willingness to cooperate and collaborate with agencies from other jurisdictions as well as other tribal agencies.
Ability to resolve problems, handles conflicts and makes effective decisions under pressure.
Ability to manage and maintain security of confidential data and information.
Cultural awareness of and sensitivity to Kickapoo traditions, religious beliefs and way of life.

Location: Prosecutor’s Office Department
Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Flexibility: The employee may need to work nights, weekends, holidays and/or extended hours if required.

Traveling is necessary to perform one or more essential functions of this position.

Minimum Qualifications

Must have a Juris Doctor (JD) or equivalent law degree from an accredited institution and be licensed to practice law in the state, with a minimum of 7 years’ experience.
Experience in providing training to tribal agencies and Tribal members.
Experience in drafting tribal codes.
Experience as an attorney in state or federal court proceedings.
Must have access to reliable transportation to commute to and from work.

Background Check: Criminal & Credit History (based upon personal identifying information).

Preferred Qualifications
Native American preference is observed.

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