Program Manager

at Roy Maas Youth Alternatives

San Antonio, TX

Posted on Mar. 14, 2018

Full Time

Program Manager

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EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree in social science or related field or five years of direct-care experience in a setting similar to RMYA is required.

EXPECTATIONS: Roy Maas Youth Alternatives (RMYA) provides treatment programs for traumatized children who most often are victims of sexual, physical, and/or emotional abuse. RMYA supports using trauma informed techniques and relationship-based approaches to create a safe environment that provides consistency, structure, and caring for the children we serve.

Program Managers (PMs) serve RMYA in its residential treatment center, general residential operation, and emergency shelter. The primary function of the PM is to ensure the safety, security, and well-being of the children in our care in a way that supports their stability and growth as determined by their treatment plan.

The PM safeguards that staff are well trained and adhere to policies, procedures, protocols, and rules pertaining to the dynamic engagement of each child. The PM coordinates with clinical and support services staff as well as educators and other interested parties to provide the effective delivery of all necessary services and advises same with timely information concerning behaviors, activities, and interactions that may affect a child in a given setting.

1. Minimum 2 years supervisory experience. Previous supervisory experience at RMYA is preferred.
2. Direct-care experience with emotionally or behaviorally challenged children and youth in a residential, shelter, or community-based setting is required.
3. Demonstrated understanding of Department of Family Services (DFPS) licensing and operating requirements.
4. Working knowledge of the best practices supported by RMYA in its care of children, youth, and families; and the willingness to learn, implement, and train staff in the execution of these practices.
5. Basic understanding of child behavior and development principles.
6. Ability to communicate clearly and calmly with staff and children in care, both orally and in writing.
7. Time management and organizational skills.
8. Ability to work collaboratively with other staff members, service providers, and other professionals.
9. Ensure RMYA’s strategic vision, mission, and core values are implemented and achieved through its programs and services.
10. Ability to work successfully with MS Word, Outlook, Excel, and client management databases.
11. Ability to work independently and as a member of multiple teams.
12. Available to work flexible hours including evenings, weekends, and schedule on-call shifts.
13. Successful clearance of a criminal background check, including fingerprinting and drug testing.
14. Valid Texas driver’s license or ability to obtain within 30 days of hire. Must have acceptable driving record.

1. Provide direct supervision, training, and mentoring to employees within the assigned program.
2. Model and train staff in the principles of trauma-informed care and restorative practices.
3. Ensure staff model and teach constructive behavioral and social skills, realistic problem-solving and life skills, and positively reinforce progress toward goal behaviors in the child’s treatment plan.
4. Ensure staff model and teach good personal hygiene skills, cleanliness and orderliness of personal space and common areas in the cabin and across the campus. Conducting regular inspections to verify acceptable levels of quality.
5. Meet regularly with staff to review performance goals and workplace expectations with the objective of supporting employee success.
6. Perform new resident intakes in the absence of the Program Administrator, and ensure staff is thoroughly orienting every new resident to the program.
7. Regularly gather resident information from staff and through observation for possible consideration in treatment plan development or modification.
8. Work directly with the Program Administrator, clinical, and other staff to ensure that Residential Specialist Supervisors and Residential Specialists are providing effective, safe, and relevant programming and activities that align with each child’s treatment plan.
9. As required, collaborate with the medical coordinator, educators, caseworkers, approved family members, volunteers, and other individuals working in the interest of the child.
10. Maintain program activities within RMYA, licensing, and funding source guidelines.
11. Ensure staff document incidents completely, accurately, and in a timely manner; and that the reporting and notification protocol for serious incidents is followed consistently.
12. Ensure the timeliness and accuracy of client tracking and status reports for ongoing review/audit of program as well as billing, monitoring, level of service reviews, required logs, and direct reporting for all funding sources.
13. Ensure that the program and campus facilities are maintained in accordance with licensing and other relevant inspection entities (i.e., fire, health, safety, etc.) by reporting deficiencies in a timely manner and reviewing that staff are completely and accurately completing required documentation (i.e., vehicle logs, refrigerator/freezer logs, fire drills, etc.)
14. Monitor and verify timecards, control the use of overtime when developing staff schedules, and use appropriate discretion when recommending the approval of time off.
15. Maintain professional and ethical standards as prescribed by RMYA.
16. Maintain personally required training hours.
17. Maintain confidentiality in all areas of client and program operations.
18. Represent RMYA in a professional manner at approved events in the community.
19. Be supportive of all RMYA policies and procedureand actively participate in their development

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