Program Director

at New Hope and Horizons

Cincinnati, OH

Posted on Sep. 9, 2016

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Founded in 1999, New Hope & Horizons is a supported living service agency that offers a range of solutions for individuals with mental and developmental disabilities.

Expectations: The Director is responsible for the management of the overall system of supports and services provided to the consumers, personnel and fiscal management. Assuring the hiring of the highest quality of staff and that they complete orientation and ongoing training are of highest priority in the position. Assuring all aspects of the program of services and supports are developed, implemented, coordinated and monitored to the highest degree possible. Fiscal over site including, but not limited to budget development, implementation and over site; rate negotiation and monitoring of rate based on programmatic changes and assuring fiscal responsibility are also key components. The Director should have direct communication access to all executives within the organization.

Qualifications: Minimum 18 years of age. The Director will have a 4 year college degree in a field of social services and a minimum of 4 years of experience in human services or a minimum of 8 years’ experience in the field of developmental disabilities (in absence if a 4 year college degree). A minimum of 3 years supervisor/management experience required. The Director must be responsible, mature, and flexible and possess excellent decision-making, time management and communication skills. Valid Ohio driver’s license, full personal automobile insurance coverage and driving record, which allows candidate to be covered by agency insurance policy required.

Hours worked: Full-time organizational position (may be part-time within any given service site). The Director’s schedule must be flexible to accommodate various program, consumer and staff needs. The Director is on call at all times to receive emergency calls unless prior arrangements have been made for someone of comparable authority to assume the responsibility.

Areas of Responsibility:

• To know and assure implementation of all programmatic policies and procedures.
• To monitor the quality of all aspects of supports and services provided by New Hope & Horizons Inc. (ex: conduct site reviews on a regular basis).
• To assure the atmosphere of overall services provision in therapeutic, provides optimal growth for consumers and preserves consumer’s dignity and self-worth.
• To assure accessibility to staff on a regular basis as consulted for the implementation of services in all areas.
• To assure consumers’ teams are functioning and communicating effectively, resulting in quality service provision.
• To assure appropriate implementation of consumers’ ISP (ex: skill development, behavior management plans, referral to services, etc.)

• To know and assure implementation of all personnel policies and procedures.
• To assure that all staff recruitment procedures are implemented as needed, assuring all qualified applications are interviewed and all forms and background checks are completed upon hire.
• To assure that all hiring, disciplinary action and termination of staff is completed consistently and per agency standards.
• To assure thorough and complete orientation of new staff.
• To provide coaching and development activities and conduct in-service and needed.
• To provide all payroll information on a timely basis and assure checks are distributed per organizational policy.
• Maintain open communication with supervisor(s).

Outside Contacts:
• To attend and participate in the networking group of area providers, county board’s case management and supported living departments. Provide education, support, updates and recommendations for needed changes in system or regulations, etc. (ex: Area Provider Councils). To participate in area work committees.
• To attend statewide conferences to allow New Hope & Horizons to learn of new developments in the field of MR/DD, as well as make contacts with other providers.
• To communicate with country personnel on a regular basis (ex: regular update calls to assess the quality of our services, resolve outstanding issues and enhance our reputation as a service provider). Target contacts to address specific issues involving consumers, major unusual incidents investigations, staff concerns, etc.
• To contact case management director/supervisor at least once per month to obtain feedback regarding interface of New Hope & Horizons services and supports from the case management office; ensure program directors have ongoing contact with various case managers regarding specific consumer and services issues.

Fiscal Management:
• To participate in budget development.
• To conduct area rate negotiation.
• To assure that the rate supports services provided. Assure rate adjustment to support the services provided.
• To assure staff schedules are developed and implemented according to needs of the consumer and within budgetary parameters.
• To monitor and control overtime.