Pre Analytical Associate

at Clinical Reference Laboratory

Lenexa, KS

Posted on Jan. 5, 2018

Full Time, Part Time

General Statement of Responsibility
Open each ambient and frozen package that is shipped to clinical trials. Identify any discrepancies between the container and the request form and document. Be able to accession each container to the correct clinical trials study in the accessioning system.

Education requirements• High School Diploma or equivalent

Experience requirements• Previous experience in production oriented work environment

QualificationsPhysical Requirements
Standing/sitting in confined work station for extended periods of time; frequent walking to other laboratory departments; lifting up to 30 lbs.; repetitive bending of wrists; constant writing of information. The ability to discriminate between different colors visually is considered an essential function for the position.

Responsibilities• Open individual specimen containers, discard cardboard and foam, remove specimens.
• Document shipping conditions on request form.
• Assign barcode SID#.
• Match information from consent form and specimens.
• Document exceptions and inconsistencies regarding specimen condition on the request form.
• Prepare specimens to be received into the accessioning program (Racked in patient sets of 12, request forms documented and sids applied to bottom of RF.)
• Clean up work area; reload supplies for next day, dispose of trash.
• Maintain productive work environment.
• Follow all departmental and company SOP’s at all times.
• Receive specimens into TLS accessioning program accurately selecting correct study, visit, and optional tests required. Ensure that all specimens are received into the system. Accuracy rate of 99.5% or better.
• Be able to process all sample types including frozens, Combos, and ambient specimens.
• Be able to accession/process all sample types for Molecular Diagnostics laboratory.
• Research LIMs for previous visit as needed for clarification.
• Separate out problems and forward to a problem resolution specialist or team lead.
• Deliver specimens at regular intervals to the PSD after they have been accessioned.
• Prepare clinical specimens for freezer storage.
• Prepare specimens for long term storage.
• Assist with delivery scans in early morning as needed.
• Send outs: samples that are send outs will be set up in accessioning and sent to the sorter where they will be sorted to a send out location on the sorter. The lab aide takes these samples to the Send out person who prepares them for the other laboratories.
• Be cross trained in or some of the following areas: data entry, specimen administration, and send-out process.
• Maintain and protect the confidentiality of all CRL and client information.
• Be able to comply with all applicable federal, state, and local safety and health regulations that would apply to this job.
• Keep work area neat and clean.
Other duties as assigned
• denotes essential job function

Skills• Good verbal communication
• Ability to read information quickly retain information for use in processing
• Good writing ability
• Must be able to operate PC with basic computer programs
• Attention to detail is required
• Some judgment and decision making
• Ability to pass basic typing test with accuracy
• Cooperative approach to work
• Adaptable to changing business requirements

Work hours
Tuesday- Saturday 7:30am-4:00pm.

Shifts extend until work is finished; early a.m. start time; weekend work is necessary; specimens consist of body fluids and must be regarded as potentially infectious; undetermined amount of time necessary in freezers.

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