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Posted on Sep. 6, 2016

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Law Enforcement & Security

Job Description
As a security professional in America’s Navy, you’ll be overseeing a force of close to 400,000 Sailors and more than 300 ships – providing security, implementing policy and preserving stability within the Fleet. Your knowledge of the diverse groups that make up the Navy will be paramount, as will your use of the latest tools, technologies and techniques.

No college degree is required to become part of the law enforcement and security community in America’s Navy. But your leadership, attention to detail, and broad range of experience will prepare you for any challenge in the field.

Specific Responsibilities:
Act as security head during an Admiral’s visit to your ship. Conduct the investigation of a crime scene. Render antiterrorism measures. Maintain the discipline of your Fleet by enforcing the rules, regulations and guidelines the Navy holds dear.

As a member of the Law Enforcement and Security community, you may:
• Provide security and physical protection for service members
• Train fellow Sailors in security and shore patrol duties
• Serve as a security advisor for your squadron
• Assist in crowd control and riot prevention
• Operate military prisons (brigs) on board ships
• Handle and care for dogs that detect narcotics and explosives

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