Inside Sales Representative

at Comdata

Brentwood, TN

Posted on Feb. 1, 2018

Full Time

Inside Sales Representative
Job Introduction
North American Trucking (NAT) serves more than 20,000 clients in the trucking industry…Our value proposition is that we help businesses keep the flow of goods moving. They face increasingly complex compliance standards, as well as various regulations and rising fuel prices just to name a few challenges facing this industry. Did you know that 83% of goods will travel over the road by truck? With numbers like these and razor thin margins, these businesses need a partner to help keep them compliant and profitable. That’s where Comdata comes in! Your role at Comdata would be to help us increase our client base and win more business through identifying prospects, closing deals, up-selling, making customer retention plays, etc. Our passion and commitment to our employees is to provide the training, development, and tools necessary to prepare for the next step in the career journey. We meet you where you are to keep you moving forward!

Main Responsibilities
What does a day in the life of an Inside Sales Representative look like?

You will be part of a growing team of successful sales and business development professionals in a high-energy, high-activity environment. It’s a culture of hustle where the role is challenging, but incredibly important to our shared success. We value hard work and want motivating team members that are ready to win with us.
Cultivating relationships via large phone and e-mail volumes. As we all know, sales is a numbers game!
Researching accounts, identifying key players, establishing relationships, generating interest to stimulate opportunities and close deals.
Actively tracking and managing a pipeline of leads in a globally recognized CRM -
Responsible for meeting and exceeding daily/weekly/monthly contact attempts and new lead quotas.
The Ideal Candidate
This job might be for you if:

The idea of making a base salary with additional lucrative earning potential appeals to you!
You have an ambition to build a B2B sales career and are interested in working for a company that will develop you and compensate you for delivering expected results.
You are confident, polished, extremely competitive, and enjoy a challenge.
You are passionate about everything you do and nothing holds you back.
You are always interested in learning and growing and have a “pay it forward” mindset where you invest in helping others.
You are articulate and comfortable with the art of communication which would help you explain a value proposition to secure and close a deal.

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