Heavy Equipment Operating Engineer

at Ames Construction

Atlanta, GA

Posted on Jul. 28, 2017

Full Time

$23.00– $25.00 Hourly

Health Insurance, 401k / Retirement Plan


A Operating Engineer operates several types of power construction equipment, such as compressors, pumps, hoists, derricks, cranes, shovels, tractors, scrapers and motor graders to excavate, move and grad earth, erect structural and reinforcing steel, and pour concrete or other hard surface paving material. Operator will turn valves to control air and water output of compressors and pumps. Adjusts hand-wheels and depresses pedals to drive machine and control attachments, such as blades,buckets,scrapers and swing booms. Repairs and maintains equipment.

Education requirements- High School Diploma or equivalent (G.E.D.) a plus.
- Additional training or certifications are helpful.
- Possess viable means of transportation.

Experience requirements- Be committed to work safely and to wear all of the required safety equipment.
- Report any unsafe conditions or acts to your immediate supervisor.
- Pass a Pre-employment Drug Screen and Alcohol Test.
- Be able to read and understand Safety and Employment requirements.
- Be dependable and consistent with regards to attendance and punctuality.
- Willing and able to work extended hours and possible nights and weekends as required.
- Tolerate temperature extremes and changing jobsite conditions (rain, snow, heat, cold, etc.)

Qualifications- Have full range of motion with neck, back, hands,and exert muscle force repeatedly or continuously.
- Have vision at 20/40 with or without corrective lenses.
- Have ability to hear at a normal level with or without hearing devices.
- Be able to climb in/out of equipment without assistance.
- Be able to walk on uneven surfaces.
- Be able to twist, stoop and bend while maintaining sure-footedness and balance.
- Spend about 80% of your time in motion while operating equipment.

Skills- Operate the Track Equipment in all phases of operations,during normal conditions, night conditions, adverse weather and emergency situations; including hand and feet controls.
- Perform routine maintenance,and watch gauges,dials or other indicators to ensure working properly.
- Exercise good judgment about the safety and health of you and others.
- Complete and understand the paperwork necessary for this job.
- Be organized and able to execute verbal and written instructions.
- Be able to work with others and also to work independently on assigned tasks.
- Maintain good housekeeping at all times of cab and work area.
- Accurately complete a daily time card and other paperwork as required.

Work hoursWilling & able to work extended hours & possible nights and weekends as required.

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