Fulfillment Support Technician

at Spectrum

Tampa, FL

Posted on Apr. 18, 2017

Full Time

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Actively and consistently support all efforts to simplify and enhance the customer experience.
Conduct drop reconnect and trap removal work to support the Plant Hardening program. This includes both aerial and underground work, fitting replacement, trap removal and minor maintenance tasks to bring the tap and drop location up to existing technical standards. Reconnect work conforms to quality and safety control guidelines [includes compliance with requirements outlined in applicable regulations such as OSHA and FCC and following procedures as outlined in the Customer Premise Network Installation (CPNIQ), Plant Security Program, Technical Quality Assurance (TQA), National Electric Code (NEC), National Electrical Safety Code (NESC), other Installation, Technical Operations, Safety Manuals, and Employee Handbook].
Support field serviceability programs to evaluate potential customer’s physical location against the proximity of existing Charter plant.
Perform field testing of customer premise equipment (CPE) and coordinate test results with a support team to validate unauthorized STB movement (STB Security).
Conduct minor, non-customer impacting plant maintenance work to improve the overall performance of the network and longevity of the plant as directed. This could include, but is not limited to, drop remediation, replacement of broken ped covers or replacement of locking mechanisms in lockbox locations.
Perform surveys or walkouts of special projects when field staff is required for data collection. This could include, but is not limited to, customer surveys, building wiring verification, pole audits, etc.
Assist fulfillment and maintenance staff with work during periods of high activity or emergency situations, such as large scale storm damage. This work will be on an as needed, project based or temporary basis.
Conduct field audits of connections as directed; identify and disconnect any unauthorized connections according to company guidelines/requirements when directed. Perform non-customer disconnect tasks as directed.
Maintain system security by auditing locking mechanisms on associated enclosures and reporting damaged equipment in accordance with local guidelines.
Maintain accurate records, including time worked, daily logs and gas sheets, as required; properly record all required information on data devices and/or work orders, surveys, referrals, etc.
Operate Company vehicle in a safe and responsible manner. Clean, maintain, stock, and secure assigned vehicle and equipment, in accordance with company policies.
Operate communications device in accordance with company policies.
Adhere to industry specific, local, state and federal regulations, as applicable; report safety violations to supervisor.
Perform other duties as requested by supervisor.
Skills/Abilities and Knowledge
Ability to read, write, speak and understand English
Ability to walk over all types of terrain in all kinds of weather while carrying tools and equipment, including gaffs, ladders, and fully loaded tool belts
Ability to safely use weight-bearing equipment (such as gaffs, safety harness and ladders) within the maximum weight limitations of that equipment
Ability to accurately measure distances, using tapes or other measuring devices
Ability to carry, climb and operate extension ladder (approx. 32 ft. high and 90 pounds)
Ability to climb poles using gaffs, hooks and climbing belt as needed
Ability to differentiate between different sizes and colors of wires
Ability to make cable connections in tight spaces by bending, reaching, twisting
Ability to perform job from high places (i.e. poles and roofs)
Ability to work while standing 50-70% of the time
Ability to use the following hand tools: electric drills, hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers
Ability to work with small components and wires to make cable connections
Ability to travel (including during inclement weather) to and from assigned territories and company facilities
Ability to work outside for extended periods in any season and/or during inclement weather
Familiarity with computer operating systems, a myriad of consumer and commercial communications devices (e.g., PDAs, smartphones, routers, modems, converters, and wireless devices), and computer software applications
Ability to complete documentation accurately
Know, understand and follow company policy
Certifications and/or Licenses
Valid driver's license with satisfactory driving record within Company required standards
Related Work Experience
0-6 months equivalent work experience.

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