Fork Lift Operator

at Resource Employment Solutions

Columbus, OH

Posted on Nov. 17, 2017

Full Time, Part Time

Must be forklift certified and have steel toed shoes/boots. Must be able to move 80 lbs. boxes with assistance. Temp will be working in the warehouse, not driving vehicles.

Inspect product load for accuracy and safely move it around the warehouse or facility to ensure timely and complete delivery. Move controls to drive gasoline- or electric-powered trucks or tractors and transport materials between loading, processing, and storage areas. Move levers or controls that operate lifting devices, such as forklifts, lift beams with swivel-hooks, hoists, or elevating platforms, to load, unload, transport, or stack material. Position lifting devices under, over, or around loaded pallets, skids, or boxes and secure material or products for transport to designated areas. Manually or mechanically load or unload materials from pallets, skids, platforms, cars, lifting devices, or other transport vehicles. Perform routine maintenance on vehicles or auxiliary equipment, such as cleaning, lubricating, recharging batteries, fueling, or replacing liquefied-gas tank. Weigh materials or products and record weight or other production data on tags or labels. Operate or tend automatic stacking, loading, packaging, or cutting machines. Turn valves and open chutes to dump, spray, or release materials from dump cars or storage bins into hoppers. Signal workers to discharge, dump, or level materials.

Tools/Software Used:
Forklifts, cargo handling equipment, shrink wrap machines, platform lift trucks

Ability to safely operate a motorized vehicle. Must have a valid driver's license.

Job Description:
Move product from one location to another location safely and securely. This is done through the manipulation of the forklift controls and toggles. This can include the loading or unloading of a trailer, train or other storage unit. It is the forklift operator's responsibility to perform routine inspections on the forklift to ensure its safety and to ensure it is capable of performing the job required.

Personal Qualities:
• A forklift operator should have basic reading, multiplication skills and writing skills. In addition, the forklift operator should be able to lift 30 pounds and have the physical ability to drive a forklift. This physical ability includes the use of both arms and hands and both feet. The forklift operator should be able to stand for eight hours.
• Stand-up Double Reach Forklift

Additional experience must include:
Electric Pallet jack and Sit-down and Stand-up Counterbalance lifts, Extended reach forklifts, Scissor lifts or Boom Lifts.

You must possess a great deal of precision and discipline during the operation of this equipment.

Safely ensuring proper alignment of lift and following all operating procedures in a warehouse setting

Must have good math skills, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing.

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