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Kingston, NY

Posted on May. 17, 2017

Rockford, IL, Louisville, KY and Fort Scott, KS, Tampa, FL - Medical Claims Processing
Kingston, NY, Tampa, FL and Salt Lake City, Utah - Mailrooms
Colorado Springs, Colorado - Call Center
We also have offices in India, the United Kingdom (Ireland), The Philippines and Sri Lanka.
Our financial package is designed for true "pay for performance". Once completely trained (training rate is $10.00 per hour), our Data Entry Operators are paid by the transaction and can earn an additional team quality bonus. This could be close to $12.00 per hour. Shift times are 6:30am to 2:30pm or 2:30pm to 11:15pm. We have availability on both. Willingness to work overtime will likely be required as well.

Hourly pay is for training and ramping. Training is APPROXIMATELY 1 week. Once training is complete, you move onto the floor and begin what we call Ramp. Ramp is where you take what you learned in the classroom and begin doing Data Entry transactions. This is usually another 3 to 4 weeks. The daily goal goes up during ramp and once this is completed you will be fully trained and should be at the required number of transactions per day. During Ramp, we are still answering your questions, doing audits and you are still in training. It is simply hands on training in the Data Entry process. Once Ramp is completed, you will move to matrix and your pay will now be based on how many transactions you complete (matrix pay). At this point, the average hourly wage is, but not limited to, $12.00 to 14.00 per hour if you meet the production goal and the individual quality score. If you are faster, you can earn more. If you are slower, you will earn less. Once on matrix, your hourly rate is then used for non-processing times, such as meetings, PTO, Holidays, etc. Obviously, quality and accuracy will also be tracked. We are looking for high producers with excellent quality who are comfortable with fluctuating workloads and pay. Our top performers consistently earn more than the $13.00 per hour on matrix. The average transactions per hour required is approximately 1000 as a goal. This does vary depending on the work type.

Once you begin earning matrix pay for production times, the hourly wage will only be used for non-production times such as meetings, holidays, unscheduled PTO time, etc Once you are on matrix. There is no guaranteed hourly rate other than minimum wage.

Our dress code is very casual. Jeans, shorts, tennis shoes, sandals, etc. are allowed, but it should also be appropriate clothing for an office. We have rules regarding length of shorts, types of shirts, etc. but everyone is very comfortable in our office. We may ask you to dress less casual if we have a Client visit, or high level Firstsource employees visiting.
Firstsource also provides opportunities for advancement if you are interested. Data Entry Operators can become SMEs (subject matter experts), Trainers, Quality Analysts, Team Leads, Managers and even the Service Center Director! Nearly everyone in our offices who was promoted started as a production level employee.
The next step in the process is candidate testing. This includes a typing test. That needs to be about 45 wpm. If you reach this score, we may then do two online tests.


* High school diploma or equivalent
* Data Entry Experience
* General computer knowledge and typing skills
* MS Excel knowledge
* Able to work in team environment


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