Candidate Recruiter

at SBG Healthcare

Hollywood, FL

Posted on Apr. 21, 2017

Full Time

The candidate recruiter adds to the success of the company by recruiting highly qualified healthcare providers to staff the needs of the facilities SBG works with. The recruiter candidate must maintain and nurture professional relationships with candidates to ensure a strong pipeline of candidates.


The candidate recruiter is responsible for:
• Sourcing and screening candidates in accordance with job minimum qualifications and health care standards.
• Ensuring CVs are formatted to SBG standards
• Negotiating provider rates considering all subsequent fees.
• Ensuring all presentations to Client Consultants (CC) include CV, Candidate Detail Form (CDF) and any additional required documents
• Initiating the credentialing process using the Provider Credentialing Request (PCR) form and all other required documents
• Maintaining constant communication with candidates throughout the credentialing process.
• Acting as a liaison for the candidate when communicating with the CC and credentialer.
• Confirming orientation and shift dates with provider as far in advance as possible.
• Initiating travel request with travel department each month.
• Drafting provider confirmation and submit to CC for approval once provider confirms dates.
• Ensuring provider receives and sends back signed copy of confirmation letter each month.
• Retrieving signed timesheets from provider the week prior to payroll to ensure CC has ample time to submit to third party for approval.


The candidate recruiter must:
• Make the minimum required dials per day.
• Ensure minimum margins are met in each contract.
• Ensure confirmations letters are sent to providers each month.
• Must meet quarterly billing goals.
• Adhere to all standards set forth by managers.
• Adhere to all company policies and procedures.
• Update CMR with provider information and notes regarding two-way communication.
• Other Duties as assigned.


The recruiter candidate must be able to;
• Maintain verbal two-way phone communication with candidates
• Be accessible to working providers via phone or electronic communication
• Type a minimum of 45 words per minute.
• Use basic arithmetic to structure pay rates and complete margin reports
• Use the basic functions of Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook

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